Wonderfully Soft Bamboo Comforter

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All Season Bamboo Comforter

A bamboo comforter cover is a wonderfully soft alternative to cotton. Silk Heaven bamboo duvet covers and fitted sheets are made from natural bamboo fibers, which are processed into soft textile. This creates a silky soft textile: an indispensable addition to the bedroom! Bamboo bedding is a silky soft textile with many health-promoting properties. Bamboo is softer, strong and absorbs much more moisture than cotton.

It is very efficient for taking up perspiration – it works with your body at a more constant temperature during your sleep. This keeps you extra comfortable in bed. Silk Heaven 100% bamboo textile has a wire density of 300TC and feels almost as soft as a much higher version. Some even say as soft as a 1000TC! The weight of our bamboo textile is approx. 135 g / m2 and most importantly: It is silky soft!

Bamboo absorbs three times more moisture than cotton. That’s why a bamboo comforter is very suitable for menopausal women¬†¬† and people who suffer from heat and night sweats. Bamboo is heat regulating: with heat you have about 2-3 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. In cold weather you are 2-3 degrees warmer. Bamboo as it is used for the comforters is grown on landscaped fields. So this is not the bamboo that the Panda eats.

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