Very Useful Bamboo Tray

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Bamboo Tea Tray

Bamboo tray are not very different from the normal trays, so you can find them from different materials and finishes. As the name suggests, the biggest difference or the particularity of this type of trays is that they have a cover that protects the food or drinks that are placed on the surface of the tray. As in all types of trays, you can find trays with a lid of different materials, either the tray in its entirety or the lid of another material. We tell you!

The trays with aluminum lid are intended to transport food to carry more than the daily use at home. These aluminum trays are usually used by the catering trade to transport food to the homes of customers and will also be very useful for storing the food you want to freeze. The advantages of these trays with lid are their price, how little they weigh and how well they keep the heat.

Do you want to give a more elegant touch to your table? Choose trays with glass top and introduce a cake or muffins inside, everyone can see the delicious pint they have! This type of trays are very used in baking so that all desserts are visible and in shops of the hotel industry also as display trays. Get your trays with a glass lid if you are going to have a party outside, so your food will be free of flies, tree leaves or different discomforts. You cannot miss!

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