Varied Design Of Iced Tea Spoons

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Iced tea spoons is designed to blend sugar into tea, but can be combined with dessert function. In volume, it equals 5 ml. Stainless steel is a good option for daily use. Such spoons do not rust, are easy to wash, do not contaminate. Good, convenient, not too expensive. Chromium-nickel steel is also a good option, which does not darken and does not lose its attractiveness. From stainless steel spoons, the characteristic shimmering shine differs. Also suitable for daily use.

Aluminum is now quite rare, as it is not particularly attractive in appearance, and the appliances from it are slightly bent. But it is cheap, which determined its popularity in the Soviet years. Ceramics are also more of a decorative and souvenir variation, although such spoons are used in. For example, the pan-Asian restaurants mentioned above.

Melchior – looks attractive and can compete with silver. But it also gets dark and it is very difficult to return it to its original appearance. Silver is a beautiful material, but expensive and requires special care and tends to dim, dark and scratches due to improper storage. Previously, a set of silver cutlery was a sign of aristocratic origin and prosperity, now silver can be found in any home, and souvenirs and so-called “baptisms” are often made.

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