Tricks To Lengthen Bamboo Beaded Curtains

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Wooden Beaded Curtains For Doorways

Bamboo beaded curtains filter the light, add privacy and reduce excess heat through windows. Bamboo offers the additional advantages of durability, sustainability, and natural, warm colors. Sometimes getting a bamboo curtain to create a challenge. For a custom bamboo window treatment, modify the blinds. Use economic and attractive strategies to extend them.

For bamboo blinds that are too short for a high window, leave the top of the window uncovered if it does not compromise privacy. Use stanza to hang the blind from the window frame. Check that the blind extends to the bottom of the window ledge (or within a 1/2 inch from the floor) and leaves the top of the window exposed. This creates an effect similar to crowned eyelash curtains, without the tabs. It is an effective look for tall windows and increases light.

For the window treatment, get some decorative screw hooks from a hardware store and some clear nylon line. I use two hooks for blinds less than 3 feet wide and four hooks for the wider blinds. Screw the hooks onto the window frame. Two or four lengths of fishing line through the top bar of the bamboo tie blind. It has a wizard helps determine the correct length to tie the line so that the shutter hangs straight in order to reach the bottom of the window (in the threshold) to ensure privacy.

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