Tips To Remove Plate Bamboo Steamer

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Innovative Bamboo Steamer

Like all steam cookers, bamboo steamer creates an environment of concentrated hot steam in which life cooks quickly. This steam also heats the plates, so if you are not prepared you can drop a hot plate when trying to remove it from the steamboat. You can buy a specialty flat lift for bamboo steamers, but you can also safely remove the plates with a towel and pliers.


Measure the plate before inserting it into the steamer. Use a plate with at least half an inch of space on all sides between the plate’s edge and the steamship walls. This allows steam to come to the food and allows you to remove the plate more easily. Keep the face away from the top of the steamer when lifting the lid.

Hold the pot lid or towel in one hand and the pliers in the other. Place the ends of the pliers around the edge of the plate and lift the plate slightly. Take the other side of the plate edge with dry towel or pot lid, and then lift the plate out of the steamer with the pliers and towel or pot lid. Place the plate on a clean towel or thrive, then transfer the food to another plate, or allow the hot plate to prevent burning diners.

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