The Benefits Of Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

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Bamboo Mattress Modern

Sleeping is not just closing your eyes; it is especially a moment of relaxation and rest. For an optimal relaxation solution, bamboo memory foam mattress combines quality, durability and above all comfort. While memory foam or viscoelastic foam has been designed for the roomy traveler, it is now used to make our sleep more comfortable. Thermo sensitive, it regulates its temperature according to the heat.

In other words, it reacts to the heat of the body and that of the room where it is. If you want it to stay soft, its temperature should be around 20 ° C. Its name is adopted because it takes the form of the body and envelopes it so that the heat is optimal. If you want to buy a memory foam topper, start by determining the size, that is, the one that fits your mattress. It will be more comfortable if you fix the four corners with elastics.

Then take into account its thickness. On the market, you will find models between 2 and 10 cm. But the most judicious is to opt for a model between 4 and 8 cm. Finally, choose your mattress topper over the material of which it was designed. If your budget allows, mattresses made from natural materials are the most qualitative. Among them bamboo is particularly interesting for many reasons.

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