Roman Bamboo Shades Install Instructions

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Outdoor Bamboo Shades Factory

Roman bamboo shades are an attractive and inexpensive way to illuminate a room, as well as to control the amount of light that enters. Nowadays, they come in many styles and color tones. Bamboo curtains are also sturdy and, with great care, can last for years. Easy to clean and easy to install on your windows, they work well in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Installation and disassembly of bamboo curtains is easy and fast. Bamboo comes in a variety of models and colors, including rich and dark colors, as well as lighter tans and champagne shades. Bamboo also comes in many textures. Some are woven; some have a type of mottled coloration. Some shades come with the colored fabric trim and can be quite elegant. In addition, you can obtain various widths, including custom sizes if necessary. The shadows are raised and lowered easily with a cord on the side and are lightweight.

Before buying bamboo curtains, be sure to measure your windows carefully. Decide if you want to mount them inside the frame of the window or outside the frame. Buy shades that adapt well to your windows. Most come with all the necessary hardware, as well as clear instructions. For mounting inside or outside the window, it is necessary to hold two supports through the window with the included screws. The manufacturer’s instructions should give you information on where to place these in the window frame.

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