Perfect Tableware With Lenox Plates

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French White Plates

Do you remember when everyone had at home the typical transparent and lenox plates? Since then the crockery has changed a lot. New materials, daring designs and daring colors have flooded the decoration and home shops. Within such variety it is difficult to choose, but quiet, we help you choose your perfect tableware.

Porcelain tableware is the most appreciated and is usually reserved for special occasions. Its design is impressive and will dress the table for the occasion. Their main drawback is that they are very fragile so a small blow will make them break into a thousand pieces. Earthenware is also informal. But because it is cook at lower temperatures than ceramics, it is porous and less durable. The plate dish: The earthenware tends to have a porous and granular texture, while the stoneware is rustic and soft. Porcelain is the most polished

If you prefer a more formal environment for family food, the most appropriate option – albeit delicate – may be porcelain. A type of china made of kaolin clay mixed with other materials such as quartz or feldspar. The bone porcelain in particular, is very appreciated for its hardness and pure white color.

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