Look Nice Bamboo Disposable Plates

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Bamboo Disposable Bowls

Bamboo disposable plates – If I were to give a party now for which I needed an extra stack of plates, I would not have to think long: I would order them from web store Disposables bio . You throw away their disposables without getting bothered by your green conscience. The plates are made of paper, cardboard, bamboo, sugar cane pulp or hampi.

Hampi is made from naturally fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree. In a factory in India, the wooden part of these leaves is used to make lightweight crockery. The green part of the leaf is left on the ground so that it can give its food back to Mother Nature. Disposables bio also has real ‘trade signs’ for the bagase material (sugar cane pulp). You can also order glasses made from corn starch.

Because the plates and trays of Disposables bio are made of 100% natural materials, you can throw them into the green box without remorse after use. They are fully compostable. Water and energy consumption are also saved as much as possible during production. So what do you choose for your next picnic, the square plates of sugar cane pulp, the wooden pasta plate or a hampi dish with two compartments (handy if you want the sauce separately)?

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