Ideas Of Bamboo Shades Ikea

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Outdoor Window Blinds

Bamboo shades ikea are made of strips of bamboo stitched together by strips of vertical seams evenly distributed over the shade. Bamboo gives a texture element to the window that is organic and green and gives a relaxed atmosphere. Because bamboo is a natural product, the lamellae are uneven. These gaps allow light to pass through the shade and reduce integrity. Solve these issues with the addition of a simple feed.


Remove the bamboo shade from the window and place it down on the worktop. You should see cords running vertically through rings attached to the vertical stitched strips. A sewn band is a series of stitches close together so that they look like a band. Stretch the shade to its full length so cords are relaxed. Place a piece of tape on the outer edge of the shade to mark each horizontal row of rings. These marks will be a guide for later reassembling the rings.

Remove each ring, simply open an edge and unwind the ring from sewing. Do not wind the ring from the cord. Leave the bottom row of rings in place — those with cords attached to them. Take all the rings to the bottom of each cord for later. Measure the width of the shade. Measure the length of the bamboo shades ikea from under the header to half an inch above the bottom rings, and add 1 inch for the hem. Cut the fabric feed to this size. Fold a quarter inch for lining. Folding Also the folded fabric under a quarter inch and sew a hem on each side of the lining. Slide the fabric side up into the loose cords. Center the lining.

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