Ideas Of Bamboo Curtain

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Narrow Bamboo Curtain

Bamboo curtain – If you have a balcony with roof over it, you can install bamboo blinds around the perimeter to provide privacy and shade from the sun. Make sure the blind will fit in the allocated space and that the blind can withstand the weather.


Center the blind between the vertical posts that hold up your balcony ceiling and to the bottom of the roof top rail. If you plan to install several blinds side by side, place the first blind about ΒΌ inches away from a vertical post. Mark the mounting holes for blind brackets on the head rail in the ceiling. Drill holes that measure half the diameter of the supplied bamboo blind screws. Place the brackets against the upper rail, line them up with the holes and secure the brackets with a screwdriver. Place the bamboo curtain in the brackets and secure the blind with the brackets supplied with the blind.

Bamboo Bead Curtains

Cut a length of fishing line twice as long as the height of the door or window opens, plus 10 inches. Thread a bamboo bead to the center of the line. Double the line so that the ends are still. Slide the bamboo curtain over the double line up to 5 inches from the end. Tie the open end around a curtain bar using a triple hand knob (see Resources). Cover knot with liquid jewelers glue. Make additional beaded bamboo strands to fill the width of the curtain space.

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