How To Divide Pole Bamboo Room Divider

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Vintage Bamboo Room Divider

Give our room more privacy without having to build a solid wall by using a bamboo room divider. There are many types of bamboo dividers, Shoji screens to bamboo in resin. This divider is made with a planter and can be manufactured to look like bamboo is growing in your place. This project can be completed in a weekend with items available in craft stores, hardware or home improvement.

Make sure of the keys. There are two clamps that hold the bamboo in place while the cement is drying. Measure the width of the rectangular Planter. Cut four pieces of wood to this length. Place a piece of bamboo in a pot, as if you cement in place. Measure from the bamboo to the edge of the pot. Cut two pieces of wood to this width. For the keys. Make two L-shaped keys by joining the pieces of wood at a right angle to each other at the long edge.

Place the pot next to a wall. Place the bamboo poles in the planter, space them how you like. Mix quick drying cement in a bucket with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Release the bamboo from the carpet tape. Place a decorative stone at the base of the pot. Now you can move the screen instead. Loosen the blue ribbon to remove the keys. Since the keys are attached to the tape, it will not damage the paint underneath.

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