How To Decorate Dixie Plates

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Dixie plates – When fertilizing furniture and decorating a home, many people prefer custom items. Having items such as porcelain tailor-made ensures that, unlike pre-purchased items, no one else will have the same stuff. Customize items also usually provide support to local craftsmen and craftsmen. When designing plates for self-production or for the production of a local ceramist, consider size, shape, color and pattern or images in relation to the decor, style or theme in the kitchen or dining room.


Assess the types of plates needed. A basic set includes Dixie plates and dessert and salad plates. However, a larger set will also include teacup saucers and serving dishes. Determine the size of each type of plate. The serving slices should be oval or rectangular, ranging from 14 to 18 inches over the longest dimension. Choose a base color for your plates. This will be the most important color that covers your entire plate. To help you choose a color, look for the colors of your kitchen and dining room. Cut out round pieces of heavy-duty paper to the suggested sizes of your plates.

Paint them with possible colors and place them at your table to get a feel for different colored tiles in the space. For a classic, versatile color, white or off-white is suitable. Design an accent for the rims of the Dixie plates. This is the decorative edge that runs along the outer edge of the plate. Think the theme of your kitchen and dining room when choosing the accent. If you have a Western theme, for example, options may include an Indian pattern, barbed wire or a chain of animal silhouettes.

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