How To Create Scented Oil Bamboo Diffuser

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Zaq Bamboo Diffuser

A trend in fragrances for the home is the use of bamboo diffuser aroma canes. Putting the bamboo plants in a scented oil bottle absorbs the smell of the bottle in a room. These odor diffusers vary in quality and intensity of the fragrance, as well as the cost. Learn how to make scented oil for bamboo canes to customize fragrances to your preferences without breaking the bank.

Pour the dipropylene glycol in a measurement of seven. Such as 7 ml or 7 oz, into the glass bottle with the measurement. That is based on the volume of the bottle is maintained. Pour 3 ml or Oz. of the essential oils of your choice. Such as lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, and rose essence. Gently shake the mixture in the bottle. Add 1 or 2 ml or Oz. the essential oil more if the intensity of the fragrance is not to your liking, and mix gently again. Add 1 ml or Oz. perfumer’s alcohol to improve the wicking capacity of the liquid in the reeds if you prefer.

Diprophlene glycol and alcohol from the perfumer are available in fragrances and perfumes specialty stores but it is more widely available online. Do not let the dipropylene-glycol-to-essential oil ratio be greater than the one-to-one parts.

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