How To Compare Bamboo Bed Sheets

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Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Sheets

If you are in the market with bamboo bed sheets and cannot decide between different brands. Or even different versions within the same brand, comparing the product can help make your decision easier. Observing the characteristics of your bamboo flannel sheets. You can see where different ones differ and, in short, find what you are looking for.

Look at what percentage of the sheet is made of bamboo. Certain leaves can be 100% bamboo, but this is not necessarily the case. Others can be a mixture of 60% bamboo mixed with cotton, while some can have as little as 40 percent bamboo or less contained in the composition of the leaf. Look outside what type of sheet material has been mixed with, if any. Often, bamboo flannel sheets are a mixture of bamboo and cotton. However, this may be organic cotton or synthetic cotton depending on the current sheet.

Look at the total of threads of two or more pairs of bamboo leaves. The thread count is directly proportional to how soft a sheet will feel to the touch. The high thread would be something in the neighborhood of 250. A lower thread count may be cheaper, but you can also sacrifice quality for the price, which cannot align with your personal preferences. Look for how much a bamboo flannel sheet set costs. A set of bamboo flannel sheets can cost anywhere between $ 50 to $ 250 or more depending on the brand, account and if the bamboo is mixed with natural cotton thread.

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