Great Ideas Decorative Plates For Hanging

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Wonderful Decorative Plates For Hanging Ideas

Viewing the decorative plates for hanging can instantly improve the appearance of any room. Used as focal points in specific areas, plates become complementary art objects that are as versatile as their varied colors and patterns. The most popular way to show them is by hanging them on the walls. Specially designed hooks and racks can make the project easier. Many of them are available in designs that are intended to accentuate the design of the plate. Or the decoration of the room, while others are practically invisible.

Use a stud wall locator to determine where the studs have been placed below the drywall where your plates will be hung. Decide the number of hangers on the board you will need. Mark the location of the light and discreet wall studs in pencil for easy reference. You will have to make sure that the hangers or racks that will be holding your plates are associated with these studs for safety reasons.

Keep a plate hanger or rack in the desired position. Making sure it is directly on a vertical wall post. Place a point on the pencil in the attached opening (if a hanger is used). Or openings designed for the nails to be hung from. Hammer nails in each location marked with points. Hang the hanger plate or grid over the nails on the wall.

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