Get To Know About Ceramic Spoon Rest

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Blue Ceramic Spoon Rest

Ceramic spoon rest – Great step in your baby’s life: diversification. Between 4 and 6 months old, he will begin to eat new foods at his own pace. In addition to discovering new tastes, but also new textures, your child will get to know the teaspoon. Diversification: how to make baby eat with a spoon? Great step in your baby’s life: diversification. Discover our advice so that this stage unfolds at best!

As part of a diverse diet, breastfeeding, preferably breastfeeding, should be continued for as long as possible and remain the essential element of your baby’s diet. He will gradually taste new foods. When to feed your baby with a spoon? You can try the experiment from the beginning of diversification, if your baby is ready for adventure.

But do not get into this crucial step without talking to your doctor or pediatrician. It will give you all the keys to start diversification. It will also guide you as to the menus, the quantities, the textures of the dishes that you will give to your child according to his age. As soon as you start to diversify, you can feed him with the spoon. But this step will run smoothly. You give him for example two or three spoons of mashed carrots to start.

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