Elegant Plastic Plates Decorations

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Nice Elegant Plastic Plates

Elegant plastic plates – The wall panels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and color themes. Whether you have a decorative heirloom wall plate or found one in a flea market or discount or antique shop, you can show them on the walls. This gives the room a homely, old-fashioned look and gives color and decorative accents to the area. Many discs have scalloped, round or even edged edges that create unusual arrangements on your wall areas.


Invest in flat hangers. These are available in different sizes to fit elegant plastic plates from the smallest saucers to the largest slices. The hangers hold the top and bottom of the barrel and securely mount them to the wall. Look around your home for architectural details, such as an arched entrance to a hall. After the pattern of the arc with the discs, the shape of the area improves. This is an interesting way to show many records.

Group your discs with similar colors or designs. For example, a group of discs that all contain yellow or some other color looks attractive to the eye. Likewise, a group of records with flowers, bird or other common themes gives the grouping agreement. Hang elegant plastic plates over a doorway or even a window. This adds texture and color to the area. Arrange your discs over a door or window in an arched pattern. This style turns a boring area into a special effect by utilizing the round or curved edges of the discs to help create the arched look. Hang your discs in a horizontal line near the top of the wall to create a border look in the area.

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