Eco Friendly Bamboo Countertops Kitchen

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Asia Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo countertops – The choice of the kitchen countertop must take into account the use that will be made of it. And of course the budget available. Here are five coatings that are popular with consumers. To make the right choice, one must know the limits of the different materials available on the market. To unravel all this, I present the fruit of my research, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each choice for your future kitchen counter!

Wooden kitchen counters are popular for the rustic look they bring. There was a time when there was a trend towards “butcher’s stall” countertops where vegetables could be cut without worry. But today, they are prefer in partial installation. And we will choose wood species with a strong shade. The big trend is the integration of large tree stumps install on a portion of an island counter, for example.

The bamboo counter or floor or other enter our homes … It looks like it is a miracle material because its popularity is growing, a durable material, harder than maple or oak, affordable, quality and ecological, antibacterial full of promise. For its ecological side as a bamboo countertop, it is a rolled product, so we use glues. It is necessary to inform oneself, it comes from far, and there is the pollution by the transport.

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