Divided Plates, What’s So Good About It?

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Divided Baby Plates

Divided plates – The choice of dishes when planning an event is a very important point to determine the success of it. Although it may seem banal (many will think that, after all, it is only the receptacle where the protagonist element will be exposed, which is food). It is one of the most important decorative resources within the organization of a table. And that more importance is being acquired in recent years in the assembly of tables for events and banquets .

The tableware is, therefore, a decisive element, since its consideration is not only focus on its usefulness and functionality. But also provides a touch of elegance, style and distinction difficult to achieve with an incorrect choice of our kitchenware.

Choose the color according to your diet. A study by Cornell University has reveale that the color blue acts as a “natural appetite suppressant”. Therefore, if you are on a diet and you are looking to limit the amount of food that you put in your mouth, we recommend this color. On the other hand, if you need to eat more than usual, when choosing a dish, you should avoid blue and opt for warm tones such as orange or light yellow, or the color red .

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