Dissolve Solid Fat On Kate Spade Plates

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Kate Spade Plates – We are all familiar with kitchen grease – solid, polished, stubborn and hard to remove. To get rid of kitchen grease, mechanical or chemical means can be used to separate the grease from the surface that is on and remove it. The fastest methods incorporate chemical elimination. However, you may prefer to use mechanical methods.

Hot water is a production method that operates on two levels. The heat of the water liquefies the solid fat. The liquefied fat then floats on the water layer where it can be removed with a cloth or paper towels. Liquid dishwashing jobs chemically breaking or dispersing the fat. Surfactants, the chemical activity in detergents, break down the fat molecules surrounding them with water molecules. Once the fat decomposes, it is kept in suspension by the liquid to wash the dishes that allows it to wash the fat.

Fats are generally insoluble in water. However, they are soluble in alcohol or oil-based solvents such as WD 40 – a water displacement lubricant. It may seem counter-intuitive to add an oil-based product to dissolve fat. However, by dissolving cooking grease in oil more easily removed as aerosols displacing water, you can remove stubborn grease spots. Spray the product directly on the grease stains. Let stand 10 to 15 minutes. The fat becomes soluble in the product. Now it can be easily removed by rubbing the product with a paper towel or napkins. If debris remains, clean with a soap solution.

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