Decorate A Wall With Enamelware Plates

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Crow Canyon Enamelware

Enamelware plates – With the plates and cups colored with bright and contrasting colors, it is possible to create an abstract work of great visual impact able to enliven the monotony of a white surface like that of a wall. The work begins, drawing a guideline along which you will place the colored plates. Suggested you draw a question mark-shaped trace, as a curved wavy development is particularly harmonious.

Helping yourself with a manual compass. For example a string at the end of which you will have fixed a pencil, trace the main curve to the wall. Following the line previously made in pencil, highlights the trace with acrylic paint preferably black so as to emphasize the creation. Near the points where you decide to fix the enamelware set, trace, with the acrylic enamel, some dashes that you will make sense the sense of connection between the line and the plates themselves.

Once the drawing is done, you have to fix the plates to the wall using an outdoor assembly glue. Which thanks to its suction effect, guarantees a practically immediate grip. Proceed with the fixing of the gsi enamelware alternating the shapes, the dimensions and the colors, until obtaining a pleasant composition of your liking.

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