Choosing Bamboo Chair Mat

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Rectangle Bamboo Chair Mat

Bamboo chair mat – Have you install new carpets or wooden floors and looking for a way to keep your workplace free from traffic wear? Look no further than your simple office delivery store. Chair carpets are a new and elegant way to keep the new carpets or floors looking like new. Chair carpets are available in many different shapes and sizes and are made of many different types of materials.


Choosing a Chair Mat

Determine the shape of the desire carpet. Most bamboo chair mat come in a rectangular or a single lip shape (simple lip looks like a rectangle. If your chairs have a unique shape, it may be necessary to choose a more specialized chair mat shape such as an oval or circular shape. Choose how big you want your rug to be. Take into account the size of the space under the desk or workstation, your total floor space, the base of your work chair, and the amount of movement you want for your chair to move around.

Select the right support for your carpets. If you work in an area where there are pad or thick carpets, you will want to choose a thicker bamboo chair mat with anchor points (some teeth). For areas where wood or linoleum is use, choose a thinner, more structure carpet. Buy your carpet at a local office delivery store or for a more specialized carpet online.

Tips and warnings

If you work in an area with computers or a lot of powered equipment, it is important that you choose an antistatic rug. Large amounts of static can cause serious damage to your electrical equipment. Non-static chair carpets near electrical equipment can cause serious damage and overvoltage to your equipment.

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