Build Your Own Bamboo Bar Ideas

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Tsunami Bar

Building your own bamboo bar for entertainment can be more affordable than buying a manufactured unit. This also gives you the ability to customize the bar to your liking. If you want a warm Hawaiian feeling in your home, building a bamboo bar turns your home parties into tropical gatherings.

Build the bar frame. Nail the care of the bamboo mat in place in the frame. This is the front side of the bar. The bamboo mat will hang lightly on the edges and wrap around the sides. Make another rectangular frame exactly like the first one. This is the back of the bar, so it does not have the bamboo mat attached to it. Once both frames are complete, join them with six 16-inch lengths of bamboo, one in each corner and one half of the bar, joining them halfway. Make an X shape with two 42-inch lengths of bamboo. Tie them in place on one side for added stability. Repeat on the opposite side. Turn the ends of the bamboo mat into place on the sides of the bar.

Mount the top of the bar using its 160 pieces of 16-inch bamboo. They do not need to be all of the exact same lengths – in fact, manufacturers often deliberately make something imperfect to add character to the bar. Stick the pieces of bamboo into place. You can also nail these pieces of bamboo instead of at the top of the bar to secure them. Decorate the bar of lights, with palm leaves and bright flowers.

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