Bringing The Difference With Espresso Spoons

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Espresso Spoons – The art of Italian coffee is an old one, and with it comes a statement of style and culture. Every accessory should be carefully chosen and in line with what is suitable for the coffee making experience. When it comes to the espresso spoon, choose carefully. Not just any spoon will do.

There are all sorts of choices when it comes to the spoon that you will buy. Espresso spoons or demitasse spoons are all-important accessories. You will need a spoon that is stylish to suit the mood of the coffee, but also small enough to be practical. After all, it is a small beverage. Spoons come in all shapes and styles, from modern to classic, and porcelain to stainless steel.

Blomus has a wonderful spoon set of 6 espresso spoons made from the sleekest stainless steel. They have a matte finish and a stylish streamline design. They are typically sold for the hippest coffee bars, but having a set of these in your home will impress anyone invited for a shot of home brewed coffee. The average size of the demitasse spoon is around four-and-a-half inches in length and one inch wide. Just small enough to be used with a shot of macchiato, though you can also use them when serving ice cream or dessert.

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