Big Favorite Ideas For Bamboo Utensils!

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Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Knives, mincers, ladles, spatulas … what would we do without the cooking bamboo utensils that simplify our life and especially recipes. Let’s face it, it’s also sometimes their design or color that makes us fall for them. A quick tour of the essentials … and those that would make us happy too! When you need to peel, mash, and squeeze or tear your food, it becomes much easier with the right tools.

In our range of kitchen utensils you will find everything from potato peelers, whiskers and roast pans to pansaws. Big favorite for bamboo utensils! They are super light and I use them on a picnic, for a lunch at the office, a snack “su’l fly”, camping and hiking, even for lunch on my SUP! You have planned a big reception this summer and do not you try to wash the dishes? We understand that, but thanks no plastic utensils!

And … uh … what about the nice little look that give your snack! Technically, they are disposable, but I tested to wash them for reuse and it works very well! I oiled them with olive oil to protect them a bit. They will not be eternal and are not good enough to eat a steak, but they will probably follow me all summer long.

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