Beautiful Bamboo Water Fountain

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Bamboo Fountain Ideas DIY

Bamboo water fountain in your garden: something that many people dream of and that few people know to realize. Often giant waterfalls are thought of, which take up many square meters. People also immediately think of the price tag – and indeed, ready-made waterfalls are often quite expensive. There are a lot of misunderstandings about the purchase and installation of a waterfall in your garden. For example, you can also simply create a waterfall yourself.

There are roughly two types of waterfall that you can make yourself. The first waterfall is the ‘natural’ waterfall. This is made with a beautiful stream bed, a sloping gradient and usually with a pond as a spout. This waterfall is particularly beautiful and especially suitable for the somewhat larger garden.

If you have little space, if you have less money available or if you are looking for a more suitable design for a modern garden, then choose the straight wall waterfall. The water runs straight over a wall of glass or natural stone. You can make both variants yourself and both variants are just as expensive as you want. It mainly depends on the size of the waterfall and the materials you use whether your waterfall is expensive or not.

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