Bamboo Toothbrush, A Good Alternative To Plastic

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Organic Bristle Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush – Bamboo, however, is the most environmentally friendly material. It is the plant with the best wood / hectare yield ratio and does not need fertilizers for cultivation. As well as a light, inexpensive material, which can be disposed of in the bin of ‘ wet. The bristles of the new bamboo toothbrushes are made of Nylon 6, an aseptic and perfectly biodegradable material.

There are many models on the market, to meet all needs, both for adults and children. And with a minimal or colored design, also with recyclable packaging, in a price range ranging from 3 Euros to 12. So, it is also possible buy them online if the personal hygiene stores were not supplied. Other eco friendly toothbrush models on the market, then, are colorful and with an attractive design.

And could be very useful to teach children the importance of oral hygiene and dental care in an original and fun way, together with attention to our planet. The consumption of toothbrushes is a consumption to which we often do not pay attention. It’s being an object of daily use intended for our personal hygiene. The brush with bamboo initially considered an eco-chic habit they are starting to take on more and more, due to the low costs. Why? Because of their versatility and the possibility of being environmentally conscious.

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