Bamboo Table Runner Decor Ideas

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Bamboo Table Runner Diningroom

Bamboo table runner – A table runner is a long piece of cloth or material often placed on a dining table or coffee table. Table runners come in many styles, sizes and materials. Bamboo table runners provide a more casual look than many cloth runners and are often used when decorating with an Asian theme or on the beach. Accessories placed in the runner add decoration to an otherwise bare table.

Place the bamboo table runner on the table. While most people put the table runner along on the table, another interesting aspect is to place the corridor widthwise so that it hangs from the sides of the table. Place the runner in the place of your choice.

Create a centerpiece. Common elements that are used as a centerpiece on a dining table include flowers, plants, a fruit plate or candles. Place two thick candles and candelabras of different heights in the center of the table in the corridor. Add a small plant in front of the candles. If you want to create an Asian theme, add a bamboo plant. For a beach theme, fill a glass cup with sand and seashells and place it in the center of the table in the corridor. Leaning a large starfish against the glass vase.

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