Bamboo Steamer Basket, Healthy And Natural Steam Cooking

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Collapsible Steamer Basket

Bamboo steamer basket – If you are approaching the world of steam cooking and you intend to make it as natural as possible, on this page we talk about bamboo steamer. This cooking tool has its roots in the oriental culinary tradition, where steaming is very present. Just think of dishes like steamed ravioli or baozi, pork loin-filled loaves. Buying a bamboo steamer, however, does not mean preparing only traditional oriental dishes. Steam cooking is a cooking method that allows you to cook healthy and light, keeping the nutrients in food intact.

In fact, substances such as thermolabile vitamins alter into types of cooking such as frying or boiling, precisely because they are very susceptible to heat. With the low temperatures that occur with steamer basket for pressure cooker, these nutrients do not undergo degradation processes. Which is why steam cooking is healthy cooking. But besides being healthy it is also light, in fact, this cooking does not require the addition of fat. Everything is cooked thanks to steam. In this way also the flavors remain almost identical to the original flavor of the food.

Chefs who enjoy preparing vegetables, dumplings or other spicy foods with steam often appreciate having a bamboo steamer. A bamboo steamer has separate trays to keep the ingredients for steaming. The bottom of the drawers has slots that allow steam to pass in the basket from below. You place the steamer basket bamboo in a pan that holds the smoldering water. Cover the pot while keeping the steam and steam from the boiling water steaming the ingredients for a delicious meal.

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