Bamboo Shades To Any Style Of Window

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Bamboo Blinds Shades

Bamboo shades and blinds offer a warm color alternative to strong, cold colors of metal blinds. You can pair your bamboo blinds or shades to any style of curtain, from floral chintz to tasseled golden velvet. Bamboo shades and blinds can also be used without additional window decoration for a modern look. If you really appreciate your privacy, consider installing bamboo shutters as shutters offer a huge impediment to prying eyes. Bamboo shutters can be installed on, inside or outside. In addition, they can also help, isolate your home, and help reduce your energy bill.

A popular curtain style in warm climates, bamboo pearl curtains are made of short lengths of bamboo, which are clamped vertically in multiple strands. Once still, they seem to form a solid sheet of bamboo, but they allow air and people to breeze through them. These curtains are best suited for doorways and closet doors. While some styles of bamboo pearl curtains are made of plain or stained bamboo, others can be hand-painted with a wide variety of designs.

If you are not interested in using actual bamboo in your window treatments but still want to include a bamboo motif, why not buy a set of bamboo print curtains? Many curtain patterns employ bamboo motifs, from kitchen 1950s vintage curtains to modern raw linen panels. You can also try trim your current curtains with bamboo beading.

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