Bamboo Rugs: An Ultra Modern Trend!

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Bamboo Rugs Dark Color

Bamboo rugs – The bath mat, not to be confused with the shower mat or bathtub, is an indispensable element of the bathroom. In front of the washbasin, the shower or the bathtub, it must be at the same time comfortable, practical, without forgetting to be aesthetic. Bath mats can be of different materials. The most common is cotton (sponge) because it is easy to wash. Declined in different shapes and colors, it is a naturally absorbing and comfortable material that goes with all bathroom styles.

The thicker the sponge, the more absorbent the carpet will be, but the longer it will take to dry. If they absorb a little less water, they dry faster and often resist washing longer.  Thickness plays a major role in the feeling of comfort felt when you leave the shower or bathtub. A long-haired bath mat (over 20 mm) is always soft and pleasant underfoot. The material also comes into account: a cotton or microfiber bath mat is softer than a bamboo bath mat for example.

The latter, however, has other qualities, such as a more natural side, very hygienic and easy maintenance. Finally, to be fully satisfied with your bath mat, do not neglect the design! Rectangular, round, long-haired or short, fabric or wood, plain or patterned … All combinations are possible to beautify your bathroom.

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