Bamboo Fountain To Fresh Your Summer Months

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Bamboo Bowl Fountain

With a zen garden treat yourself to a space of absolute relaxation outside! Bamboo, plants, stones, bamboo fountain, a Zen garden atmosphere is based on various natural elements that, once assembled, create harmony and serenity. Mineral, vegetable and water, the three elements around which articulates the Japanese garden. Get inspired by these decorative ideas in photo to fall in love with a resolutely Zen garden.

Bamboo, fountains, pond, pebbles or lanterns, not Japanese, Buddha and statuettes, all inseparable elements of the decor of a Zen garden! Building on a quasi-millimeter organization and total harmony. The development of a zen garden at home must be thought upstream to leave nothing to chance. Essential for the layout and decoration of a Zen garden, the water basin. To do this, nothing like a fountain that will highlight the entire basin. Modern and sculptural, this design fountain is one of the major assets of this garden.

From the size of the trees to the color of the chosen plants and shrubs. To the position of the pebbles, all the details are important to give life to a feng-shui place where one feels good while respecting the Japanese tradition. This type of outdoor decoration asks all the same for more maintenance than a fallow garden. But what a pleasure to walk around or rest there whatever the season.

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