Bamboo Chopsticks In A Luxury Package

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Bamboo Chopsticks Food

Here you will find our range of Chinese and Japanese bamboo chopsticks. In many Asian countries, chopsticks are the traditional eating utensils. They are made from different materials such as wood, bamboo, bone, metal and, for example, jade for the more luxurious types of chopsticks. For daily use of chopsticks, wood or bamboo is usually used. Often a lacquer layer is applied for protection and a colorful design as decoration.

Chopsticks are nice to give away as a gift. For this there are the sets with chopsticks in a luxury package, each pair with its own chopstick layer. How do you eat with chopsticks? The first step is to break the sticks, so that two sticks are created. After that comes perhaps the biggest challenge: holding the sticks.

Grab one stick and clamp it between your thumb and ring finger, making sure you have the thick part of the stick at the top. Grasp the other stick with your free hand and then place it between your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Always make sure you have some space between the sticks, because otherwise it is very difficult to eat. All you have to do is bring the dots together and clamp your food in between. Enjoy your meal!

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