Bamboo Cafe Coffee In Kotum Vietnam

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Bamboo Penny Board

Bamboo cafe – If you travel to Kontum Vietnam is recommended you visit the KontumIndochine Café. Which is designed as part of a hotel complex on the banks of the Dakbla River in Kontum City. The cafeteria serves as a breakfast, dinner and tea place for hotel guests. For wedding ceremonies, it also functions as a semi-outdoor banquet hall. Located on a corner plot, the café is compose of two main elements.

So, that’s a main bambou construction with a large horizontal roof made of bamboo and an adjoining kitchen made of paintings and concrete stones. The main building has a rectangular floor plan and is surrounded by a shallow artificial lake. All elevations are open to the air. By providing shade under the bamboo roof and maximizing the flow of fresh air through the surface of the lake water, the interior space operates successfully without the use of air conditioning.

Even in a tropical climate. While the roof is covered by plastic panels reinforced with fiber and straw. The roof of the main building bambou model is supported by a bamboo structure composed of 15 units. And in the shape of an inverted cone. The shape of these columns was inspired by a traditional Vietnamese fishing basket that narrows gradually from the top to the base. The end.

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