Avant Garde Fornasetti Plates In The Kitchen

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Collection From Fornasetti Plates

Ceramic is one of the most used materials for fornasetti plates due to its functionality in the kitchen. As well as its resistance and sanitation. In addition, this material can use in many shapes and colors, being suitable for any celebration worth its salt. Although the preferred color to present certain foods is white. Certain presentations can be gained by being plated on a black background.

Porcelain of this color, dark glass or slate, can be perfect bases to exhibit colorful dishes that contrast or combine perfectly with the background. Although the rounded shape is usually the most used (and recommended by experts in gastronomic aesthetics). Other forms of presentation such as the square, oval or even the blackboard, perfect for tapas or to give a touch of distinction are more than acceptable. And present to our table.

In terms of size, the use of large measures in dishes is discourage. An approximate size of 26-30 cm is more than adequate for an individual ration. However, the latest trends in plating and avant-garde cuisine have force the world of kitchenware to open up before a universe of infinite possibilities, all valid in terms of presentation. Everything will depend on the creativity of the chef, the designer and the effect he wants on his guests.

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