Are The Bamboo Cutting Boards Safe?

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Totally Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Bamboo Cutting Boards – Cutting boards are available in materials such as wood, glass, plastic and bamboo. Bamboo is a plant, most often grown in Asia, with a hollow, woody stem. If you are trying to buy more environmentally friendly materials from your home, you can find many bamboo products for your kitchen. You can keep your family healthy if used correctly and clean a bamboo cutting board.

Bamboo cutting boards are a more environmentally beneficial option to plastic and traditional wood boards. Bamboo is long-lasting and has some built-in antibacterial properties. All cutting plates are exposed to bacteria during use, especially when used to cut raw meat. It is a good idea to have a cutting board – one for meats and one for other foods, according to the “green cleaning for mannequins.”

Proper cleaning a bamboo cutting board will help maintain the safety of the food in your kitchen. Every time you use it, wash the cutting board with plenty of hot water and soap. Allow it to dry completely before storing it in your closet. For periodic sterilization, wet a small board, then place it in the microwave for five minutes to kill germs. A solution of one part of white vinegar to five parts of water will also disinfect aboard.

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