All About Caviar Spoon

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Antique Caviar Spoon

Caviar spoon – Caviar is not the food that you eat every day with the spoon so I’ll deliver some small tasting tips given by Caviarly’s to consume it in optimal conditions. I had the chance to participate in a small tasting workshop organized by Caviarlys at Wine by One. I do not know if you’ve noticed, but the caviar is changing from a slightly old-fashioned image to a trendy / trendy image, we’re seeing more and more new brands appear and it’s sometimes hard to know what is good of what is less so.

Open the box about 30 minutes before the tasting so that the caviar reveals all its flavors. Use a pearly spoon and especially not steel which may oxidize and leave a slight aftertaste of metal. Failing a spoon, can be deposited caviar on the back of his May n because the heat of the hand absorbs the salt content dan s the s eggs

A toast, a slice of bread or a blinis is also a fairly neutral support that will satisfy the greedy. It accompanies the caviar of white wine dry and mineral, with champagne not rosy extra-brut, or Russian with some cl vodka. We do not “cook” caviar: too hot foods burst eggs and we lose in flavor. In the kitchen: caviar goes very well with St Jacques or any dish with a slightly neutral base in terms of taste or with others iodized products.

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